October 12, 2013

There is Always Good to Be Found Amidst the Bad.

The past three days I have been taking walks (per Oncologist's orders) to try and alleviate the numbness in my feet. I have also been exercising my hands for that same reason. It's been a week and I haven't noticed any difference. It's quite frustrating to feel constant numbness in my extremities. I can't begin to tell you how many times a day I trip or drop things. My hope is it won't be permanent, but that is an ugly truth I may need to come to terms with at some point. 
One of the routes I take on my daily walk in the park
I can also tell my blood count is still low. I still tire easily and still crave my midday nap! I have been reading on ways to get my white blood count up. I hate to go back to work with it low and get exposed to all the germs and sickness that seem to go along with an enclosed office environment. Getting sick is not something I care to deal with at this time - or anytime, really! 

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, that is not my goal, so here is some positive news to off set the negative! My digestive system has regulated itself back to where it once was and I can now eat salads and fruits again! I'm currently eating lots of protein to get my red and white blood counts up and give me energy. I'm also working on eliminating sugar and refined carbs, which is never easy. It's a process and I'll eventually make it back to my healthier eating habits! Right now I'm just happy to have my salads back!!
Chicken taco lettuce wraps! I'm finally able to tolerate healthier foods! YAY!
The walks I'm taking at the park across the street are not only good for my body, I'm finding that they are good for my soul as well. The sweltering Florida humidity has left and the mornings have been simply perfect! Not to mention taking in ANY scenery that isn't my back yard is pretty nice at this point! 
My typical backyard view every morning...not too exciting!
Each morning I come across a great photographic moment or two. I will share a few below. I hope you enjoy them! xo

the morning dew
One of the many ponds at the park
Sunrise reflection on the lake

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  1. these are gorgeous - way to focus in on the moment.