August 8, 2013

Voted World's Best Zen Blog

Thank you to The Daily Meditation for voting "Finding Zen with Cancer" one of the top Zen Blogs! 

Paul's write up said....

Finding Zen With Cancer: Finding Zen With Cancer is the blog of Linda, who, as she states in her opening paragraph, has had an up and down kinda life. Her life experience fuels her writing, making for enlightening and inspiring stories about Zen and about life in general. The best part of Finding Zen with Cancer is the personal touch that Linda puts into all her writing. Within a few minutes of reading you’ll likely feel like she’s a long lost friend. Great stuff!
Thanks Paul! And if you're looking for a great mediation and yoga site, check out The Daily Meditation for yourself!  


  1. Couldn't agree with Paul more. This blog and your writings are truly inspirational and serve as powerful reminders of precious life. You should know that you're constantly in the thoughts of those you work with. We want you better soon. - Russian

  2. Thanks white Russian for the compliment ... knowing this is helping people is the juice that keeps me going! ツ