August 9, 2013

The F*CK CANCER Foundation


Our girl Sharrel turned me on to this AWESOME site out of California called The F*CK CANCER Foundation. Check them out and buy some cool stuff to support the cause! I just ordered a T for Greg and me. 
Sharrel modeling her F*UCK CANCER hat & sticker that she just got from a friend.

Here is some info on the foundation....

The F C Cancer Foundation’s mission is to fight cancer by raising awareness and to educate about early cancer detection, ultimately putting an end to late stage cancer diagnosis. Through our Dyin 2 Live (Wish-Granting/Dream) program, we look to enrich the lives of those fighting cancer by offering them an experience that will bring joy, hope, inspiration, and courage to their lives. In doing this, the program hopes it can help give the patient a chance to forget, even if it’s only for a day what they are battling. We hope it can be used as a source of inspiration to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour.
Through F C Cancer Foundation’s extensive network of friends, supporters, and affiliates, we are able to fulfill the dreams of individuals currently fighting cancer and present them with one of a kind experiences and opportunities. We feel that a Dyin 2 Live Dream can offer a source of inspiration for those undergoing difficult medical treatments and be a positive force that offers a life-changing impact not only to the patient, but also the family, donors, sponsors, and even entire communities to overcome their obstacles.
The first Dyin 2 Live Dream came true in 2011 when a small group of caring people and one professional athlete helped a boy fulfill his dream of meeting his favorite race car driver. Since then we have granted numerous Dyin 2 Live Dreams to patients in the United States.

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