August 7, 2013

Time for YOU to Call the Doctor!!

My head is bursting with so many thoughts right now, I just have to get them written down! The big one that is rolling around in my skull right now, that I am so grateful for, is that I was able to save a life through my blog! I know it sounds a bit wacky, dramatic and a maybe a bit boastful (and I'm really not bragging here, I'm trying to prove a point), but a good friend of from my childhood decided that she wasn't going to wait until 50 for her colonoscopy after reading my blog and had her procedure done at 48. I don't believe she has any family history, she was just motivated, didn't not want to take any chances, so she went to get one. When she did, they found polyps. I heard that news and my heart sank. It was a long week before we found out that the polyps were benign!! If all that ever comes from this blog is that ONE thing, then it was worth every single minute I put into it, times a trillion!! Thank God she didn't wait two more years, I shutter to think how tragic the outcome would have been. So kids, let this be a lesson to you! If you're having any stomach issues on a regular basis, have a history of colon cancer, or just have a 'feeling' something isn't quite right, then GO, RUN, VAMANOS! to the nearest gastroenterologist!! 

The other heartwarming and heartbreaking thoughts that are rolling around in my head are the incredibly strong and brave colon cancer warriors that I'm meeting online. As I try and grow my blog, I'm reaching out in search of guest writers who are at different stages in their treatments and can offer a new perspective on this hellish disease. So far I've met two bloggers who have blown my mind in the short time I've known them. There is Cory, an Egyptian boy who is back in the US for treatment. He has Stage 4 cancer with Mets to the liver (not sure what that is) but he is a survivor! He was diagnosed in Sept 2011 and his oncologist in Germany painted a pretty grime picture. She told him to enjoy that Christmas because he probably won't see another. To that Cory said "screw her." He is now coming up on his 2nd Cancerversary and feels great! Then there is Belle. She writes for the Colon Club once a month and also for Get Your Rear in Gear on FB. Belle is also a amazingly strong woman. Here is what she wrote me, "I am stage 4; I'm on chemo for life.  It's a very different place from where you are right now and one that I hope you never experience. Stage 4 is not a place of sunshine and roses.  I have "hope"; but it's a different type of "hope" than when I was stage 3." I was reading her email out loud to Greg last night and the tears flooded my eyes. I cry just reading it again. What an amazing woman, so much strength and positive will driving her forward during horrible circumstances. You think I'm strong? Not even close to what this chicky-poo has going on! I can't wait to share some of their posts with you! 

NOW, let all this be a lesson to those you out there that STILL haven't made your colonoscopy appointment yet, time to get OFF YOUR BUTT literally and go!! I really can't stress that enough. Thank you, my work here today is done! Love y'all 

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