April 19, 2013

A New Port - Full Sail Ahead

Today is port installation day. I wonder if they have a Hallmark card for that? I can’t say I’m looking forward to going back to the Surgery Center even though they treat me well. I know I promised myself I'm just going to keep moving forward, go through the motions, and continue to take it one day at a time. I'm guessing it is times like these when all those wonderful clich├ęs get invented. 

Dr. N. stops by to tell me the procedure takes only 10-15 minutes, however from the time I enter the operating room to the time I exit is a little over an hour. The anesthesiologist injects the magical twilight drug into my IV and I am out before I even leave the holding area.

Once I wake up I notice I have this huge bandage on my chest. I get queasy at the thought of what is underneath. I’m achy and sore and can feel the foreign object inside me with every move I make.

As Greg drives me home, I stare out the window and wonder how I’m going to make peace with this new chapter in my life.  

Yes, I'm still a bit loopy but I never pass up a photo op with my luvah!

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