April 7, 2013

Three More Daze ...

The next few days all mush together. I walk the halls to build strength and get my ‘system’ moving again. I try to keep positive. I learn hospital gossip from the cool nurses. I eat pathetically small amounts of food that looks pre-chewed. I appreciate the fact I have social media to keep me company. I’m grateful for all my loving friends and family that send me beautiful flowers to brighten my stay and make me feel loved. Once again, I’m feeling like I’m back on the upswing and my life can now return to normal after this little bump in the road!

Except one thing. The damn little voice still hums in the back of my head, “Remember it’s not over. You don’t have your pathology results yet.”


My daily hall walking

Working on keeping a positive attitude (and cause a little trouble!)
Where is the alcohol? Not my idea of a liquid diet. 

From my loving friends and family 

The day I graduated to pre-chewed food. BLECH!! 

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