March 19, 2013

Colonoscopy Numero Uno

Today is my first colonoscopy. It is routine in the sense that I just turned 49 only thirteen days ago and I am quickly approaching the mid-century mark. However, it's not so routine because colon cancer runs rampant in my family. My father and my mother’s brother both died of colon cancer. Because of this my primary care doc is adamant that I get a colonoscopy ASAP. He feels I am already long overdue. So here I am.

I go into this procedure with an open mind. Everyone will tell you the prep is the worst part, but for me it is refreshing to feel ‘light’ around my mid section. Without being overly descriptive, either I’m ‘slow to move’ or everything shoots through me all at once. OK, OK ... TMI, I know!

After the procedure, I am told that the colon doc removed 5 small to medium size polyps. Everyone appears a little surprised at the number of polyps they found yet they all assure me the polyps don't look abnormal to the naked eye. 

This is the part where that annoying little voice in my head says, “Something’s not right.” I hate that voice. I work hard to dismiss any thoughts that are remotely negative. My life is going great! I kick that little voice to the curb and keep living my life … status quo, baby! 

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