April 2, 2013

Tattoo my Colon

I've been here so often that I’m friends with all the nurses at the Surgery Center. In fact, I’m now the Mayor on Foursquare, which means I've been here waaaaayyy too much in the past 30 days!
I'm thrilled as you can see.

My favorite nurse who works with my colon doc (I hate that I can't remember her name!) was surprised to see me back again. She can't get over the fact I have cancer. She said, “We all looked at that polyp and said, nah… looks fine. I can’t believe it came back with cancer!” 

I asked to talk to my colon doc before they put me under. I knew he would have the results of my ultrasound. He did and THANK GOD it's all good! He said the right ovary has a real gnarly, knotted up cyst growing around it. Sounds lovely! He was sure Dr. N. would take pictures of it during surgery tomorrow so we can keep and eye on it going forward.

Whew! What a relief!! One down, two to go!

When I awoke from my anal probing tattoo session I was told the doctor easily found and marked the area where the cancerous polyp was removed two weeks ago. Another Whew! He also found three more tiny polyps and diverticulitis. Seems to me that area of my colon is a hotbed for unwanted growths. I was starting to feel better about having that section removed.

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