April 8, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Feels so good to be home and sleep in my own bed. Well, at least until I need to get out of 'said bed'. I didn't realize how many stomach muscles were cut during laparoscopic surgery until I need to use them! And God forbid I need to cough because at that point I’m fairly certain the stitches holding my intestines together will rupture thus rendering me lifeless. Yeah, I am feeling whiny today if you haven’t noticed. 

My nap buddy, Mulder. 

I have my post surgery follow up scheduled for Thursday. I left a message for Dr. N. to call me with pathology results. 


It’s now past 5 O’clock. The voice in my head kicks into high gear. 

The jabbering won't stop, “He isn't returning your call because he’s trying to stall until your appointment on Thursday. Doctors like to deliver bad news in person, you know!”

I can’t wait for this to all be over. The weird thing is, today is the first time I feel like the voice is right. I have a strong sense Dr. N. really is avoiding me. 

This was so sweet!!! I got flowers from our favorite servers at the restaurant we frequent. 

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