April 30, 2013

Giving Birth, Again

Today is doctor appointment number two for the week, this time with my Gynecologist. Since Dr. N. took my ovaries during the colon resection surgery, the hot flashes are coming fast and furious, especially on nights when I partake in a glass or two of wine. I am certain there is nothing my Gyn Doc can do since I am entering chemo territory, but I hope I am wrong.

I sit in the waiting room amongst the mommies-to-be. I liken my current physical state to pregnancy. From the time of conception, the day of my first gastroenterologist appointment February 22, till the time I’m done with chemo around November 4, will be a gestation period of approximately 9 months. At the end of those 9 months it will be special delivery time, a new and improved, cancer free ME will storm this world, kicking and screaming!

The nurse calls my name and ushers me to the exam room. I love my girly parts doc. She has an awesome bedside manner. She reviews my chart and shakes her head. “What prompted you to get a colonoscopy early?” she asks.

“My primary care doc wanted me to because of my family history.” I reply.

She asks about family history and then starts to go down the road of genetic testing. Ironically, I got a call from Carolyn, Dr. N.’s nurse, while I was in the waiting room. She said my genetic test results came back negative! At last, good news! Although that won’t give my kids a free pass when it comes to their risk for colon cancer and getting their colonoscopys at age 38, but at least we don’t need to worry about a gene that will be spread through our lineage for generations to come.

My doc is impressed that Dr. N.’s office did genetic testing. She concurs with his decision to remove my ovaries, citing that there is an increased risk for ovarian cancer once you have colon cancer. She takes a look at the incisions in my stomach and says that Dr. N. did a really good job. I was taken aback.

 “Really?” I said,  “I look at it and think YUCK!” 

She said, “No, you’re still swollen but the size and shape of the incisions look great.”  As strange as it sounds, her approval made me feel good as if she congratulating me for picking such a skilled surgeon.

She gives me with a couple prescription ideas that may help with hot flashes. I opt to wait and see if they change during chemo first. Doc lets me know I can call anytime and she’ll get me whatever I need.

I leave the doctor's office and looking forward to the day I give birth to my cancer free self!

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