March 28, 2013

The Consult with Dr. N

Today is my consultation with the surgeon. My colon doc recommends this guy since he did his wife's colon resection surgery. It seems everyone I run into at the med center has rave reviews on how he did their wife’s, husband’s, sister’s or grandpa’s surgery and how he is so talented and wonderful. Using this guys sounds like a no brainer. 

Greg and my daughter attend my consult. I figure the more people I have listening to what the surgeon says the better. We'll call him Dr. N. 

Dr. N. reviews my report and says I’ll need to get another colonoscopy to ‘tattoo’ the spot where the cancerous polyp was removed. As long as that spot is found and marked, Dr. N. will only need to remove 9” of colon on either side, if not he will remove a much larger section of my intestine. I feel fortunate when I find out Dr. N. is a skilled laparoscopic surgeon; otherwise I’d have an equally long incision from my pubic bone up to the rib cage for this surgery! Dr. N. went on to explain that they would test that section of the colon for cancer and make sure the cancer didn't work it's way through the intestinal walls. Based on the report he was reading, he feels confident that won't be the case.

I left the consultation thinking I can do this. I can get this surgery complete and be done with ‘the C word’. I also left Dr. N's office forgetting to ask for the results of my CT Scan. I panic for a moment, then realize I have multiple doctor appointments over the course of the next few days. If it's important, surely someone will fill me in at some point.

The little voice popped up again and said, “it won’t be good news.”

“Fuck off little voice.” I said. 

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