March 27, 2013

Did I pee my pants?

My colon doc wants me to get a CT scan before I meet with the surgeon. It is quite an interesting procedure.

About an hour before the scan I had to drink liquid barium. I believe it coats the intestines for the scanner to see them better.

The machine looks like a giant donut, not a tube like an MRI machine, so I am happy that I won't feel closterfobic. The tech has me lay on a bed that slides in and out of the giant donut as I'm told to hold my breath at certain intervals. Then the tech comes back into the room to inject me with a dye. I feel it rush through my body. She explains that I’ll get a metallic taste in my mouth, I’ll feel heat as it rushes through my veins and then I'll feel a sensation (get this) as if I am urinating my pants! Thank God she explains that to me because that is exactly how it feels!

I left the med center being thankful that I have good insurance. I am also anxious and look forward to getting the results of the CT scan tomorrow. 

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