March 18, 2013

Vision Changes

My vision of my life prior to March 19, 2013: 
- It is definitely on the upswing. 
- I left an abusive marriage and I am finally beginning to dig my way out of two years of financial rubble (thanks to the weight of exorbitant alimony payments). 
- I am creating a peaceful home for my children. 
- I am being challenged at work and given the circumstances, feel I am successfully rising to the occasion. 
- I am a health club member and have been since the summer of 2012. I am happy that I am getting some long over due rehab after my 2011 knee surgery, plus feeling good both physically and mentally. 
- The best part of my life, I am reunited with my high school sweetheart after 23 years! I am finally having the relationship of my dreams.

my luvah

I soon find out that days to follow March 19th will make me feel like I'm an living in a tenuous world. I will become an outsider in my own body. My normal will disappear. My vision will morph into a weak and fragile depiction of a life I never imagined would be mine.

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